Laserworld PL-3400 FULL COLORS Laser-EX demmo

9,800.00 3,500.00


Laserworld PL-3400 FULL COLORS Laser-EX demmo

9,800.00 3,500.00



Our Purelight Series provides latest state-of-the-art technology with Swiss precision. The solution for highest requirements which leaves nothing to be desired!
Units are available as single green, equipped with green DPSS lasers and new developped drivers or as fullcolor RGB lasers with red and blue high performance diode modules from Swiss production – both are the ultimate solutions for any professional operator! The Purelight Series combines latest innovations like the Sealed Housing Technology and Swiss high-end lasers with established components from the Proline and Revolution Series, just like the compact and robust enclosures, the control systems for ILDA and DMX as well as the well known 50k scan systems. Various scanner upgrades like CT-6210HP with 70kpps scanspeed available!
For the RGB systems, ultra bright 640nm red diode modules are used.
Combined with the deep blue 445nm diodes, it results in an enhanced color spectrum with a very brilliant white balance!
Purelight is the ideal solution for extraordinary challenge, with a vast power spectrum for nearly all kinds of events – inside and outside. Either as fix installation or mobile application, which is possible due to their compact plug & play concept, the low consumption, the air cooling, ruggedized housings and delivery in flightcases.
The Purelight laser projectors offer the latest, most innovative technology. Swiss made compact laser modules with very good beam characteristics and the Sealed Housing Technology make them the perfect choice for all high end applications, product presentations, exhibitions, clubs and discotheques.
Assure yourself of the high quality of the Purelight systems and apply for an appointment in our showrooms! All versions and powers are available for demo there!
When the going gets tough these units will help you out: up to 16W RGB and 20W green pure laser power! For these projectors no event should be too big. The super fast 50.000pps scanners already do a great job in these units. But if you need even more, you can get several scanner upgrades, like CT6210HP or CT6215HP.
The new Purelight BLUE BEAM models are equipped with the latest blue Strong Beam Modules.

Technical specifications:

minimum maximum
total power: 2400mw 3400 mw
power red: >550mW 640nm
power green: 1200mW 532nm
power blue: >650mW 445nm

Diode modules (red/blue), DPSS Laser (green)

laserclass: 4
control mode: Auto Modus, DMX512, ILDA
DMX channels: 16
scanner system: Galvo Scanner, 50.000pps at 4° (Upgrades available: ->70kpps with CT-6210, ->100kpps with CT-6215HP)
basic patterns:

more than 160 (layers, tunnels, fences, animations, graphics, fonts, etc.) + 4 animations



deflection angle: max. 60°

compliance to EN 60825: key-switch, interlock, voltage surge protection at X and Y galvo for best reliability. Mechanical shutter optional available


power cable, manual, interlock-connector, key; delivery in flightcase

power supply:

110-120V, 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz

power consumption:



675/370/420 mm (L/B/H)

net weight: 30,0kg
gross weight: 55,0kg with Flightcase



Optional upgrades:

Upgrade options scanners:


Cambridge Technologies high speed scanner upgrade with high performance driver.

Scanspeed up to 70kpps at 4° optical scan angle

max scan angle: 60° optical


High professional super fast Cambridge Technologies scanners with max 100kpps at 4° optical scan angle

max scan angle: 60° optical

Upgrade options safety:


The SAFETY CARD permanently monitors the laser system and cuts of power withing 40ms in case of projector system failure.



  • Mechanical shutter with 6 second delay, and optional manual reset

  • Safety unit with laser emission indicator, key switch (key can only be removed in off position), and emergency switch. Key and emergency switch work independently and can be connected to interlock and shutter respectively

  • 5 meter cable

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